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Brass on the Grass
Congleton Park 2014

Rode Hall Silver Band.

Beartown U3A Ukelele Group.

Macclesfield Silk Brass

Cant't Sing Choir
Oh Yes They Can!

Cant't Sing Choir Again
Oh Yes, Definitely Can!

Jubilee Celebrations 2013

Public enjoyment of Jubilee celebrations in the Park 2013.

Children Climbing Activity in the Park 2013.

Sports Relief in Congleton Park 2012

Runners running around the Park for Sport Relief..

Bonfire in Congleton Park.

Fireworks in Congleton Park.

Fireworks in Congleton Park.

Fireworks in Congleton Park.

Children enjoying climbing activity in Congleton Park.

Congleton Park Past Events

Past Events held in Congleton Park

FoCP Volunteers Manning our Stand at Ark in the Park August 2015

FoCP members are here again! Above you can see our Secretary, Alison Williams; our Chair, Cheshire East Councillor Glen Williams and our Treasurer Ken Williams - only two are related, can you work it out? You can email the Secretary, no prizes, but you will be 'mentioned in despatches' !

Here are a few other pictures from the day:

Ark in the Park was a teriffic fun day for dog lovers, with rosettes being awarded in a variety of classes, such as prettiest dog in Congleton (female of course), dog with the waggiest tail, most obedient and many more.

The show was hotsted very ably by David Bass from Oscars Pet Food, and above you can see some of the dog owners waiting for the decision of the judge. Also present was the famous 'Dogfather' Vic Barlow, who demonstrated with his dogs, and offerred superb advice for owners.

FoCP Stand at Brass on the Grass in 2014

Do brass bands have a weather God? Well maybe! This was a fantastic event, with several hundred people of all ages enjoying great music and lovely weather; the day before and the day after saw torrential rain!

The event was organised by Friends of Congleton Park in conjunction with Congleton Town Council, Cheshire East Council and Cheshire Borders Independent.

Ken Williams from the Friends said; “We want to give Congleton a lovely afternoon of music and have booked some great local brass bands. Macclesfield's Silk Brass Band and Rode Hall Silver Band will be performing along with The Can’t Sing Choir, U3A Ukulele Group and Salt City Jazz Men. A super-line up to grace any music event!” .........Read more, download a single page pdf.

Family Fun Days & Live Music Congleton Park 2013

Most years we are involved to a greater or lesser degree with events in the Park. Family fun days with a variety of attractions for all ages are often seen during Summer months. We also like to see local young talent encouraged, for example local bands playing their music to a live audience.

FOCP Volunteers Manning our Stand in 2013

Two of our magnificent team manning our stand at Park Live; loads of goodies for the public to purchase to help FOCP raise funds to continue our 'Good Works' !

In 2011 Congleton RUFC players became World Record Holders!

In 2011 Congleton RUFC players became the World record holders for the longest match. The match between the Mali Lions and Congleton Bears played for 24 hours, 30 minutes and 6 seconds with the score Lions on 889, Bears 715. The match was supported by a team of volunteers, with Congleton Cycling Club amongst them assisting with the timing.

The match was held in Congleton Park playing field.

It's A Knockout in Congleton Park

Live Music in the Park Bandstand Brass Band & Jazz Concert

Above is the famous Congleton Park Bandstand, which has seen many bands providing different types of music since before the First World War.

The Bandstand was opened in 1914, and the World famous Fodens Brass Band took part in the opening celebrations in April of that year.