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Bear Sculpture
at bottom of Town Wood

Wooden sculpture of a bear situated at the bottom of one of the paths in Town Wood.

Pictoral Meadow

Pictoral meadow situated at the Eastern side of Congleton Park.

Congleton Park had an Old Russian Cannon at the top of Town Wood

Picture of the Old Russian Cannon at the top of Town Wood, overlooking Congleton Park. It shows the cannon coming away from the gun carriage, and two young boys playing on it, dressed in short trousers and with caps on their heads.

If your Dog Poo's in the Park
Bin It!

Picture of toy dog in the doggie waste bin.

Keep Britain Tidy Poster


Welcome to Friends of Congleton Park Website

Welcome to the Friends of Congleton Park website. This beautiful park in the market town of Congleton in Cheshire, is bordered by the River Dane and Park wood.

The Friends of Congleton Park are a voluntary community group established to work in Partnership with Cheshire East Council to help develop and look after the park.

Congleton Park covers an area of 10 hectares (24.7 acres) and includes the historic Town Wood. Designed by Edward Kemp, an emphasis was placed upon creating river views, a formal promenade flanked by rugged rocks topped with ornamental shrubs and formal avenues of Chestnut and Lime. The park was opened to the public on the 29 May 1871.

A full restoration of the park was undertaken during 2004/05 with funding from many sources including the Heritage Lottery Fund, Cheshire East Council ( formerley Congleton Borough Council), Congleton Town Council, the Millenniumn Committe, local trusts and many others. The park restoration could not have occured without the support of all and we continue to thank everyone for their continued hard work.

Congleton Park is a Green Flag Award winning Park.

Congleton Park has been awarded the Green Flag Award for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 / 2017. Green Flags are only awarded to the very best open spaces. This award recognised the vast achievements which have taken place in improving and developing the park in recent years and the work undertaken during the restoration scheme.

  • More Information about our Green Flag Awards
  • Overview of the main Facilities in congleton Park

    Plan of Congleton Park

    Plan of Congleton Park with points of interest numbered in the Legend.

    Trivia: Definition of our town name

    What does Congleton mean? The following is not definitive, but is Quite Interesting we feel!

    Wikipedia says: The element 'Congle' could relate to the old Norse 'kang' meaning a bend followed by the element the Old English 'tun' meaning town or settlement.

    The latter is almost certainly true, but a more likely meaning for 'Congl" is, in the opinion of J Colin Jones, of Celtic origin. In late Celtic, 'Congl' means 'bend' which allows us to arrive at a reasonable definition for the name of our town:

    'Town on the Bend of the River'

    It does seem plausible, doesn't it?

    Trivia: Definition of Buglawton

    Congleton History Society published a book called 'History of Congleton' edited by W. B. Stephens in 1970. This was to celebrate the forthcoming 700th anniversary of the granting of the towns Charter in 1972.

    In this, Mr Jones goes on to say, that 'Buglawton' again consists of two words, one being Celtic, and the other being Anglo-Saxon. The prefix 'Bug' (bwg) is Celtic for ghost or goblin; this survives to this day in words such as 'bogey' and 'bugbear'. The 'Lawton' element is Anglo-Saxon for hillside settlement. Thus Buglawton could mean:

    'Ghost of Lawton'

    Dogs in Congleton Park

    A lot of people enjoy walking their dogs in Congleton Park. To encourage them not to allow their dogs to leave us unwelcome offerings, we have four strategically placed dog bins (for poo, not dogs). Congleton people are nice people, as are our our visitors, so they almost always remember to use these, and our park stays nice and clean.

    This picture was inspired by a picture of a real dog in a bin elsewhere. The Friends of Congleton Park thought that was a step too far, not wanting to alienate animal lovers; but we could not resist the sentiment.

    The FOCP would like to assure everyone that no dogs were hurt during the production of this photograph!

    The Friends have put up a number of posters around the perimeter of Congleton Park supplied by Keep Britain Tidy demonstrating how easy it is for dog owners to clean up after their pet. The posters show in easy steps what needs to be done to ensure the park is free of dog mess which has a negative impact on all our visitors.

    It is so easy, quick and cheap to get rid of the problem, as do most responsible dog owners, each time they visit the park. It only takes a few seconds, is clean by using a plastic bag and there are many bins in the park where the waste can be safely deposited - for just £1, owners can purchase a dog poop-scoop and supply of bags.

    So our message to all dog owners who visit the park is:

    Don't leave it for someone else to take home. Bag it, tie it, bin it