Jubilee Gardens flower bed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Friends of Congleton Park Logo.

Friends of Congleton Park

Congleton Park Information

Green Flag Award
2008 - 2017

Mayor Denis Murphy with some of the Team, proudly holding the award.

Mayor Denis Murphy with some of the Team, proudly holding the Green Flag Award in 2008.

Some of our Magnificent Volunteers at work in Town Wood.

Volunteers at work in Town Wood. We have both ladies and gentlemen hard at work on one of the steep paths.

Gosh, looks like our Town Wood workers are on lunch break!

This shows a path under construction, with various tools on the ground, including an overturned wheelbarrow, and no people at all; perhaps they are on lunch!

One of the completed paths in
Town Wood.

A newly completed path in Town Wood. It is quite steep, and in the distance you can see some steps where it gets even steeper.

Bear Sculpture about to be installed at the bottom of Town Wood.

A wooden sculpture of a bear, situated at the bottom of one of the Town Wood paths that comes out near the Park Road entrance.

About The Friends of Congleton Park in Cheshire

Who Are The Friends of Congleton Park (FoCP)?

The Friends of Congleton Park are a constituted group, formed in 2005, which aims to promote the use and awareness of the Park for the enjoyment of the public, in partnership with Cheshire East Council, under the Guidance and support of the Park Manager. The Group may act as a consultative body on the Park's developments, fund raise, and organize and support events. This body is also referred to as FoCP within this website, and in general.

Read the Friends of Congleton Park constitution HERE.

The Friends welcome new members, and new ideas, and will encourage you to get actively involved.

Sponsorship for Congleton Park Events & Activities

This has included Events in the Park e.g. Rode Hall Brass Band, seed for the Pictoral Meadow and features such as the Bear Sculpture (near the Park Pavilion), equipment for the Community Store to support events in the park, restoration of features etc.

FoCP undertake many activities in the park. For example we have:

Events and Volunteer Work in Congleton Park

The Friends support Community events in the Park by the loaning of equipment (e.g. barriers, signs, tables etc.) from the Community Store to ensure that the event is safe and enjoyable for visitors. Volunteer Work has included planting in Town Wood with native woodland wildflowers, cleaning benches etc.

How YOU can HELP the FoCP

We are often seeking new members to become actively involved in our activities.

This could include helping out on our brass band concerts, organising fund raising activities, running and helping to man our fund raising stall at park events, or donating your time / labour / money.

Please Download our Application Form, or send your details to the Secretary using the E-Mail Link below.

You can help us to help you enjoy Congleton Park

We need money to enable us to do what we do for the benefit of our residents and visitors to the park; to find out more, please contact us and / or arrange to attend one of our meetings to see how you can help.

We have a handful of people who pay £4.00 per month by standing order to the Friends of Congleton Park; imagine if 10% of the population of Congleton did the same!

If you can help us in this way, please Download our Standing Order form.

Consultation about Congleton Park

The Friends of Congleton Park assist with consultations with target groups such as the choice and provision of play equipment for older children, assisting with the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, pedestrian bridge from Buglawton into the Park and so on.

Contact Us by E-Mail:

For an application form to join the FoCP please Download our Application Form, which you can e-mail to the Secretary above, or post to the address on the form. This is in MS Word format to enable you to edit it with your details.

We will be delighted to receive applications from people who can help us with our aims briefly outlined below.

Money of course is always welcome, but many people donate their time and or expertise, which often proves invaluable.